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Ipres Services.

Ipres main area of research specialization focuses on market/project feasibility studies, market intelligence, company/management information and Internet data search. The types of information that are gathered are specifically business in nature and intended solely for business purposes.

The types of methodology, tools and resources utilize shall depend on the type and nature of research required. Data requirement can either be custom-tailored specifically to follow the clients' needs, or use any of the existing standard formats. The research findings shall be prepared to the clients in a compact and precise manner, and to be sent via express-mail or as a few esteemed clients prefer, to be hand-delivered.

Although the average completion period of a project-based research ranges from seven (7) to fourteen (14) days, the exact completion schedule shall depend upon the amount of data required and on any special data requirements. Searches on company information usually require only a fraction of the stated period.

At Ipres, our professional research services area of specialization include as follows:

Market Feasibility Studies.

To analyze the feasibility of embarking a new project. An industry and competitive overviews will be provided, together with the project's SWOT analysis. Based on the analysis conducted, a recommendation on the next course of action shall be provided.

Market Intelligence Research.

To analyze the competitors' current market activities, strengths and weaknesses. To provide information on the competitors' management structure, marketing activities, etc. The competitors' press releases, promotional activities and financial status shall also be provided.

Company Information Search.

To seek information pertaining to specific company or companies of interest. The information may include the management structure, industry, market and financial standings. Press releases, ROC search and legal searches shall also be provided.

Internet Data Search.

To seek for information of interest in the Internet. Several non-common search engines and Internet tools shall be utilized to the fullest. By engaging our service, surfing time can be substantially reduced, thus, the employee's time can be better utilized elsewhere. Once connected to the Net, most employees usually "get lost" or totally "glued" to it. This service is extremely popular especially for prospective companies attempting to do business in a foreign country.

Other Research.

Other research services such as automatic information update, patents & trademark search and others are also available upon request.


10 Good Reasons Why You Need Research


"Is research really necessary? What type of research is needed for your company?" Can you afford to engage a research services company? How do you do research yourself?

These are amongst the few questions most commonly asked, which we intent to answer in our web pages. In this page, we shall concentrate on the first question, i.e., is research really necessary? What do you gain by engaging a research study?

There are several different types of business researches that can be conducted to help your company, either in making informed business decisions or in propelling a competitive edge against your competitors. And depending upon the type of research employed, different research studies will generate different results.

Here we list down ten (10) reasons why you may need a research (you may have an even longer list than ours) :

1. To make better informed business decision.

Survey Research : Assuming your company is considering to change the milk packaging from paper to plastic. Several dealers of yours had complained that milk turned bad faster in paper containers than in plastic ones. What do you do? Follow the competition, follow your guts feelings, or make an informed business decision via the results of a research survey?.

2. To identify problem areas that require modifications.

Market Research : Assuming your Sports Complex has had low usage rate. With the opening of a new hotel a few meters away, the usage rate has fallen to an even lower level. The hotel is not getting more clients either. What are you going to do? Wait until you cannot maintain even the operating expenses, immediately organize for more promotion, or engage a Research Company to identify what exactly is the problem.

3. To better deploy the available resources to areas of utmost importance.

Competitive Intelligence Research : Assuming you are an owner-operator running a retail outlet and next door competition is a big corporate chain outlet. You are fully occupied in taking care of the day-to-day running of your outlet, that there really is no time left to check out your competition. What is your competitor up to? When do they have promotions? Who's behind the management? What are their weaknesses? What are you going to do? Leave the competition alone, do the research by yourself, or engage a research services company so that you can run your company undisturbed.

4. To measure the level of satisfaction amongst your employees.

Management Research : Assuming your monthly employee turnover rate is higher than the published industry's average. You cannot seem to pin-point any particular department that contributes to the high rate. What are you going to do? Leave the problem to solve by itself, roll up your sleeves to conduct your own study, or engage a research company to conduct an independent study?.

5. To measure the customers' pulling factor.

Promotional Research : Assuming you are a Banker and have multiple branches. You would like to know the relationship between the size of a customer's account versus the size of the branch. You would like to know whether customers prefer to open their accounts in the main branch or a remote branch. The results of the research will determine what type of promotion you would like to be conducted in each type of branch offices. What are you going to do? Immediately request for statistics from each branch and do the research yourself, or engage a research company to both analyze the existing statistics and conduct a random survey amongst the customers?

6. To identify new projects which has good investment potential.

Project Feasibility Studies : Assuming you have just received a project proposal to co-develop a multi-million dollar factory to produce compact discs. Your primary area of business is in a totally different line altogether. Your in-house research department says "yes", but you have a negative notion about it. What are you going to do? Say yes to the partner, follow your gut feelings, or get a second opinion from an independent research company?

7. To be a well-informed institutional investor.

Financial Information. You represent an institutional investment company which are aggressively looking for good prospective companies to invest in. There are hundreds of large and small companies to pick from, both locally and internationally. You need company and financial information fast. What do you do? Do the research yourself, queue in line waiting for the company's investment research manager to find the information for you, or engage an independent research company to do it for you?

8. To access the credit worthiness of your would-be dealers.

Credit Worthiness. You are a distribution house which provides a 90 to 120-day credit term to your successfully appointed dealers. Prior to appointing them, you need to know their credit rating. What do you do? Appoint them regardless of their rating, or search for a credit research ratings agencies company?

9. To ensure your expensive trademark and patent have not been infringed

Patent Search. Assuming you have registered your trademark or patented processes many years ago. How do you ensure that your trademark has not been copied elsewhere? Can you afford not to always be on the alert? Do you have the luxury of time to always be on the alert? What do you do? Do it yourself or engage a patent research company to meticulously check for you on regular basis.

10. To tap the knowledge and experience of professional market researchers.

Expert Advice : Professional researchers have an added advantage over your in-house product or business development managers. Professional market researchers have a much wider scope of experience and are in constant touch with a wide variety of customers each with different market penetration strategies. They have tried and tested a wide variety of strategies, and know what works and what doesn't. By engaging a professional research services companies at least once, you can constantly have their services (and "advise") more easily accessible.




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