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Join Our List of Clientele.

Out list of clientele range from small private limited company to large public-listed companies that wish to remain anonymous. They either have no resources to source for the required information, or simply wish to obtain a second opinion from a professional information provider.

Do You Need Our Professional Research Services?

Yes, you may need to engage our services if you have the following requirements:

• Your company may wish to embark on a new business venture, or to diversify into a new industry. You may not wish to employ a permanent Research or Business Development Manager since the requirement may only be a once-in-a-blue moon one.

• Your company may already have a Research or Business Development Manager under your employ, but the work overload may slow her down. Thus, you may require an additional Professional Research Service Provider to help ease the load.

• You may question the findings of a research submitted to you, and simply would like to have a second opinion from a Professional Research Service Provider.

• Your company may wish to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. You may wish to know the management structure of your competitors. You may wish to know your market positioning in comparison to your competitors.

• Your company may be an International company that is about to embark on a business partnership with local Malaysian counterparts. But may wish to know the strengths, weaknesses and the management structure of your would-be partner. You may wish to know whether the company exists physically or only on paper.

• Your company may wish to open another office in a foreign country. You may wish to know everything about the country to decide the market, political, and social condusiveness of doing business there. You may also need to prepare yourself prior to visiting it.

• You may be the Research Manager for your company. Your company may want a viability study done and due in a week's time. The Internet has a wide variety of secondary information, but surfing for pertinent information may just be too time consuming. You may just need copies of the pertinent sites to prepare your report.



What You Need to Know About Motivational Research.

Motivational Research is a type of research designed to uncover the consumer's subliminal mind while making a buying decision. It attempts to find out what are the consumer's motives, feelings, emotions and concerns when he makes a decision to buy product A instead of product B.

Motivational Research was first popularized in Vienna in early 1950s. At that time, marketing research was simply to find out what the consumers did, instead of why the consumers did it. So when the concept of motivational research was initially presented, marketers and clients alike, were fascinated with the unexpectedly sexual-proned findings it brought about. They were told that cigarettes were bought because of the sexual symbolism they represent. That convertible cars were bought because the cars were often thought of as mistresses. And that woman bake cakes to fulfill their natural reproductive yearnings. So before long, every advertising agency would employ a psychologist to head its motivational research department.

Today, after having gone through a period of women liberation, motivational research in its original true form, is somewhat a sensitive issue. Modern day advertisers had instead fully utilized the research's usefulness as a form of "Subliminal Advertising" Automobile manufacturers often promote a sexy lady often laying on the vehicle's rooftops, as can be seen in auto shows. The consumers are subliminally encouraged towards buying the lady, and not exactly the car. Shampoo packaging very often takes the shape of a woman's body. Subliminally, the consumers are "told" that by using the shampoo, you will have similar bodily figure. Although modern day motivational research does not project similar sexually oriented shrewdness, but the research's core gist still remains, i.e., sex. And its usefulness is expected to continue in years to come.




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