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Information Research Bureau

If you would like to list your organization in our "golden egg nest" kindly contact us at :

What is Information Research Bureau (iRB)?

Information Research Bureau (iRB) was established with the objective of promoting a Center of Research Excellence within the Malaysian community via electronic resources. To help achieve that objective, iRB homepage is developed to help :

 Promote the collection of research data that are currently seriously lacking in both quantity and quality. iRB homepage will attempt to house all commonly utilized sources of data.

 Promote the techniques of professional research. Several research tips shall be provided and archived, whereas new ones will be periodically added. Contributions from fellow researchers are most welcome.

 Promote a "research-friendly" environment by breaking away from information clumps. There is a wealth of information in Malaysia about Malaysia, but remains unknown to the public.


Who would benefit from this homepage?

As at this moment, listings within iRB homepage focuses on organizations that belong under the Information Service Industry (ISI). [Please do not confuse us with Information Technology Industry (IT)].

Users of iRB homepage, nevertheless, is expected to include university students, private college students, secondary school students, academicians--professors, tutors, lecturers and teachers, corporate researchers, professional researchers, individuals, writers, journalists and many more.

Should you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or if you have found web sites which falls under the category above, kindly send me an email at : Thanks.



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