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Welcome to iRB Professional Research Services (Ipres).
The Internet has revolutionized our lives.  It has changed the way we communicate, our purchasing pattern and most important of all, the way we do research.  
Researchers can no longer ignore the existence of the Internet as the world's largest information source. But to be able to retrieve reliable information from the Internet, requires knowledge, skill and experience. Today's new generation of researchers must be fully equipped with an IT (computer) knowledge to surf the Net, the skill to find the required information and the experience to differentiate the authenticity of the information retrieved.
At Ipres, we pride ourselves to having the best of both world.  Our young and dynamic team of researchers not only are IT-literate and regular Net surfers, but also have extensive research experience.
Ipres is a full-service professional business research organization specializing in the areas of project studies, industry research, business research, competitive intelligence and company information. Our research services are focused on both foreign and local companies which are based in Malaysia.
Why Ipres?
At Ipres, we insist on providing a professional research service which guarantees our clients' confidentiality, at the minimum cost possible. Why do you need a Research Service?  Why should you select us as your research partner?  Because we provide :
Professional Research Service.
We believe that a reliable and professional business research is based on factual information drawn from a wide variety of both primary and secondary sources.
As a general rule, we do not depend on a single source of type of data before drawing our conclusions.  More over, we utilize different set of tools, resources and methodologies to tackle different types of research required.
We insist on maintaining a high standard of accuracy, reliability, professionalism and confidentiality in all our research findings and reportings.
Experienced Research Staff.
Our researches are conducted by a team of research staffs with an average of 10-15 years of research and/or academic experience.
Several former academicians are also under our Board of Advisory.
Attractively Affordable Rates.
Our research services rates are only a fraction of the cost of employing a full time reseacher.  What's more, you get quality and professional work with your minimal investment.
Ipres research rates serves the requirements of medium to large scale companies.  Medium scale companies, particularly investment holdings companies, usually engage us as their partner research company on an annual membership basis.  Large scale public-listed companies that tend to use our research services to serve as a second source of opinion, subscribes to our ad-hoc rate.
Custom-tailored Research.
Our clients are free to provide a research ouput format and data requirement, or otherwise use any of our standard formats.
Business Research is Our Specialty.
Ipres is part of the Information Research Bureau network, where we specializes in the area of research.  Our team of researchers help contribute articles for the Bureau.  
At Ipres, you are in good research hands!

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