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Ipres Services.
Ipres main area of research specialization focuses on market/project feasibility studies, market intelligence, company/management information and internet data search. The types of information that are gathered are specifically business in nature and intended solely for business purposes.
The types of methodology, tools and resources utilize shall depend on the type and nature of research required. Data requirement can either be custom-tailored specifically to follow the clients' needs, or use any of the existing standard formats. The research findings shall be prepared to the clients in a compact and precise manner, and to be sent via express-mail or as a few esteemed clients prefer, to be hand-delivered.
Although the average completion period of a project-based research ranges from seven (7) to fourteen (14) days, the exact completion schedule shall depend upon the amount of data required and on any special data requirements. Searches on company information usually require only a fraction of the stated period.
Professional Research IS Our Name.
At Ipres, our professional research services area of specialization include as follows :
Market Feasibility Studies.
To analyze the feasibility of embarking a new project. An industry and competitive overviews will be provided, together with the project's SWOT analysis. Based on the analysis conducted, a recommendation on the next course of action shall be provided.
Market Intelligence Research.
To analyze the competitors' current market activities, strengths and weaknesses. To provide information on the competitors' management structure, marketing activities, etc. The competitors' press releases, promotional activities and financial status shall also be provided.
Company Information Search.
To seek for information pertaining to specific company or companies of interest. The information may include the management structure, industry, market and financial standings. Press releases, ROC search and legal searches shall also be provided.
Internet Data Search.
To seek for information of interest in the internet. Several non-common search engines and internet tools shall be utilized to the fullest. By engaging our service, surfing time can be substantially reduced, thus, the employee's time can be better utilized elsewhere. Once connected to the Net, most employees usually "get lost" or totally "glued" to it. This service is extremely popular especially for prospective companies attempting to do business in a foreign country.
Other Research.
Other types of research which the clients may request. We do receive several "ëxtra ordinary" research requests at times, but we stick by our motto: "Everything is Worth Searching!".
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