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Our Research Rates.
Our Professional Research Service rates varies from one research to another. The rates will very much depend on the type of research and amount of information required.
As a basic guideline, our standard research rate falls under the following subscription categories :
Ad-hoc subscription.
Ad-hoc subscriptions are for companies that has a once-in-a-blue moon research requirement. Under this category, research is requested on-need basis, and thus, payment is only applicable to each research requested and completed. Companies that subscribe to this category usually are either unsure on the number of research required within a year or simply to test our research capabilities.
Annual Subscription.
An annual subscription is a subscription by membership.  All Ipres member-companies are entitled to an unlimited access to our professional research services within one fiscal year. The "fiscal year" will begin on the day the membership is signed.  
Companies that subscribe to this category usually have a higher frequency of research work requested within a year.  Most of Ipres's clients fall under this category.
Free Consultations Provided.
Should you require more information on your research needs, please feel free to send us an e-mail :
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