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Articles on Research Tips.
This site shall contain articles and links on good research practices.  We are still in the process of seaving through the list, to provide you with the most useful and current tips.  In the mean time, please be patient.
Sample articles include :
15 good reasons why your company need Business Research.
How small businesses can share research costs to a bare minimum.
How a small business can have access to competitor's activities with very little marketing expenditure.
Interesting Research Links
Business Research Lab
Research Buzz
U.S Office of Research Services
Do you have an urgent need to do a project feasibility study or to keep yourself abreast with the latest news within your industry?  Your research requirement may not be on a regular basis to warrant the employment of a full-time researcher. Why pay for a full year, when you only require a month's work?
WE shall become your research manager, always at your disposal as and when needed.  What's more, you pay only as and when our services are required. Or, if you wish, you can join our growing list of clients that subscribe to our unlimited research access on an annual membership basis. Even with an unlimited research access, we guarantee you that our subscription rate is still much lower than the cost of hiring an experience full-time researcher!  Image the look on your boss's face, when he learns how much savings the company will generate, by outsourcing its Research/Business Development Department.  
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